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Problem with people who gave me their pedigree cat


I rehomed a pedigree cat - she is in very good health and has settled in like she's always lived here. Even sleeping at the bottom of my bed. I know she has excellent pedigree and made a few enquiries on line today and spoke to the Cat Society today and they confirmed that she is registered but would not give me her pedigree name as I didn't have the pink slip. I had explained that I only have her kitten vet paperwork; hence i was able to give them the breeders name and date of birth. They traced her via this.The previous owner said she is hesitant to hand over pedigree ownership paperwork incase we resell the cat. She explained that she'd paid over £1000 for the cat; the cat has also had a litter of kittens prior to us getting her. She was spayed before we got her. I said she didn't have to tell us how much the cat was worth; it's made me worried about letting her out now! And that wasn't the reason i responded to her ad - she asked for a good home and no payment. And we loved her from the moment we saw her.

Please help.

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